Ketamina 10%


Aqueous 10% injectable solution of ketamine for anesthesia in dogs and cats

Ketamine hydrochloride - 115.34 mg/ml.

Ketamine is an anaesthetic agent. It produces so-called 'dissociative anaesthesia' (by dissociation of the cerebral cortex and limbic system) It also acts as an amnesiac and as a local analgesic.

Short - term anaesthesia for minor surgical procedures in which analgesia is required such as scaling, removing of foreign bodies from the oral cavity and the oesophagus, the incision of abscesses, dressing application, x-ray examinations (procedures), the clinical examination of aggressive and excitable animals. General anaesthesia with premedication for fracture repair operation, reposition of luxation, castration, amputation, caesarian section, laparotomy.

Circulatory failure, hypertension, liver and renal damage.

After administration of the drug: increase in the arterial blood pressure, pulse rate acceleration, increase in salivation and muscle tremor (tonic-clonic muscle spasms) may occur. Ketamine alone (as the mono-anesthetic, as a sole agent) produces vomiting in dogs, whereas in cats the eyes remain open which may cause drying out of the cornea.
The eyes should be protected by a protective ointment. (The use of protective ointments is recommended). Increasing the dose of ketamine twice or three times leads to deeper sleep, which is maintained longer, and sometimes also to respiratory depression.
Respiratory paralysis occurs after eightfold - and circulatory paralysis after twelvefold - - anaesthetic doses.

Xylazine, detomidine, medetomidine prevents convulsions, which may appear after anaesthesia with the use of ketamine. Atropine eliminates salivation increase after the administration of ketamine. Ketamine should not be used with barbiturates because of their chemical incompatibility.

Preparation for intramuscular or intravenous administration. 
The drug should be warmed to body temperature for intravenous administration and slowly injected.
Dogs 11 - 22 mg ketamine /kg BW i.e.
0.11 - 0.22 ml of preparation /kg BW 
Cats 10 - 20 mg ketamine /kg BW i.e. 
0.1- 0.20 ml of preparation /kg BW

Xylazine/Ketamine Combination (Combination with Xylazine):
Dogs and cats 6 - 10 mg/kg BW of ketamine and 2 mg/kg BW of xylazine.

Not obligatory.

Store at temperature below 25°C.

2 years

Keep out of the reach of children.

Vials of 10 ml individually packed in the cardboard boxes.

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