Trax- gps dog tarker


Trax GPS-tracker keeps you updated in real-time, and you can follow your pet's every step on a map. If it gets lost you can easily find it using Trax Augmented Reality feature.

Use Trax Proximity fence on your daily walks to make sure the sightseeing ends when you want it to, not when the little one decides to obey your command.

Don't forget to set a digital fence surrounding your home with Trax Geo-fencing tool to get notified if your little runner decides to jump the fence.

Find your dog through your camera.

Quickly locate your GPS-tracker through your smartphones built-in camera.

Pan the phone around you and an icon with distance indications will turn up, when you point the camera in the direction where your dog is.

The split screen gives you an excellent combination of the theoretical map surroundings and your reality.

Even if your dog is a saint who stays within its boundaries, it might get lost or stolen. To be able to protect it you need to know where it is.

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