Cloverleaf Freshwater Shrimp


Koi deserve a treat, and what better than a supplementary food that provides the benefits of a natural source of colour enhancement, and also a high nutritional and vitamin value.

Cloverleaf Freshwater Shrimp (dried in their shells) are of the "Gammarus pulex" variety and are selectively used in the factory farming of Trout, Sturgeon and Carp due to their digestibility, purity and vitamin content.

Cloverleaf Freshwater Shrimp Content:
Protein 46%, Fibre 6.2%, Calcium 3.9%, Phosphor 0.3%, Water 10.8%, Fat 8.5% - Vitamin A and its provitamins.

Available in 650gram tubs (5 litre), and at a highly competitive price.

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 Cloverleaf Fish Farm, King Street, High Ongar, Essex, England, CM5 9QZ,United Kingdom, Europe
 3 years, 11 months ago

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 clover.leaf (6)
 01277 366002
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