Malachite Green 7


For Persistent Fungual Infections

For External Parasites

Excellent Value Size

NT Labs Koi Care M Green 7 is a pond treatment for persistent fungus and external parasite infections. Treats fungus caused by Saprolengnia and protozoan parasites in pond fish.

Recommended dosage:


May be used as a course of treatment over 7 applications. Use when fish have white fluffy fungus growth on the mouth, body or are flashing against rocks etc.


10ml treats 700 litres once or 
2.5 litres treats up to  7 x 25,000 litres

. Add one dose every week for 7 weeks or stop after one or two doses have eradicated problem .
Switch off UV until 5 days after the final dose has been added.


Available 2.5 litres


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