Liquid preparation for preventing purposes and for supporting main treatment of ketosis in high producing dairy cows and sheep.

Dietetic compound feed for milking cows and sheep.

Propylene glycol 99.7% (997ml/l)

Dietetic feed additives

Potassium iodide

(trace element 3b E2 iodine)


(Iodine [I] 1345mg/l)

(Potassium [K] 415mg/l)


Cobalt (II) sulphate x 7 H2O

(trace element 3b E3 cobalt)


(Cobalt [Co] 207mg/l)

Properties and action
Boviketozin is used to supplement feeding regimen of high producing dairy cows and sheep with easily digestible carbohydrates. It is especially recommended during the peak of lactation, when animals show increased demand for carbohydrates essential for production of milk components. Shortage of carbohydrates in the feed, with its simultaneously increased consumption for lactation purposes, may lead to metabolism disturbance consisting in production of ketone bodies. Boviketozin improves digestibility of structural fibre, reduces ketosis incidence, improves feed uptake by animals, regulates disturbed lactation and stabilizes fat and protein content in milk.

Intended use
Boviketozin is administered to:

Cows – in the final 6 weeks before delivery and from 3 to 6 weeks after delivery, in a dose of 250 ml, once a day.

Sheep – 60-100 ml once a day during first 3 weeks after delivery.

Boviketozin is administered after blending with water or feed. In case of appetite disorders and reluctance to take the feed up, non-diluted compound feed may be administered directly into a muzzle. It is recommended to seek veterinarian’s advice before product use.

Storage conditions
Store in a dry and dark place at the temperature 25oC, in the original, tightly closed packaging.

1 year.

Bottles 250ml, 1000ml

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