FELISTRO LOCOMOTION is a nutrition supplement for cats based upon green-lipped mussel extract. It maintains vitality in aged cats.

Valuable components: green-lipped mussel extract (Perna canaliculus).

Pharmaceutical form: paste

Target animal species: cats

Claim(s): not applicable (nutrition supplement)

Indications for Use: orally (directly or mixed with feed) cats with movement disorders: 2 x 1 g (equivalent to 1 cm paste) / day aged cats: 1 g (equivalent to 1 cm paste) / day if needed: dosage can be enhanced Do not use in case of diabetic metabolic status.

Presentations: 100 g tube

Special Product Feature(s): Tastes excellent so palatability is favourable for optimised degree of compliance. Additional benefits of omega-3-fatty acids have been proven for:

prevention of cardiovascular diseases


inflammatory bowel diseases



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Place of Origin: Germany

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 Am Pharmapark 06861 Dessau-Rosslau ,United Kingdom, Europe
 4 years, 2 months ago

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 Heiko.Ruediger (19)
 +49 34901 885 5381
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