Pig slaughtering equipment with advanced operation


Key Specifications/Special Features

  • Slaughter and processing technology with the scientific and technological development, social progress, more and more important to human life, has become a comprehensive science and technology, but the technology, equipment, operation of these three is advanced, reasonable, direct impact on product quality and economic benefits
  • To improve the level of pig slaughter and processing to ensure the meat quality, standardized slaughter and processing equipment, special equipment for slaughtering the current below
  • Planer hog slaughter and processing process:
    • Healthy slaughtered pig into starved for water ring, then 12 to 24 hours resting moment stunned before slaughter shower, then increase tied to the assassination of leg blood, then Lek (Lek blood time: 5mins), then hog carcasses washing hair perm hair, then plane raise the carcass repair scratch, then whitewashed clean Liao Mao beat, then closed rectal canal repair (Diao circle), then trim, then genital sternum take off, then abdominal organs of white (white on white visceral organs quarantine pending tray conveyor test)

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Min.Order Quantity: 100 Sets
Port: Guangzhou

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 No.25 Tongxing Street,Dalian, 28/F,World Trade Center,China, Asia
 4 years, 7 months ago

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 Liaoning MEC Group Company Co., Ltd.
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