Ekavet.com is creating a database of veterinary, animal husbandry and pet care product manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

If You are an manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler of a veterinary, animal husbandry, pet care products and want to share your information on our page, fill up Product Form.

What makes us different from other similar sites?

1. This site is exclusively for any animal and veterinary related products.

2. Information is provided without any restrictions.

3. We are saving our visitors time. The site has anti spam system, you can post ads without registering first.
Example: When posting the first product ad, system will set up an account based on your e-mail and automatically connects to your account. 

4. Information on www.ekavet.com for visitors, your possible future customers, is free, unlike many other sites of this type.

5. Your company's contact information is free and clearly indicated.

6. Visitors do not need to register and log in, to see product and Your company's contact information, that's how visitors traffic is used optimally. 

7. Also visitors can quickly find the product of interest using search, and immediately see the posters contact information on the right side of the product ad.

8. The potential client contacts you directly without any intermediary.

9. Goods are grouped according to the designation that makes them easier to find.

10. Products placed indefinitely, you can edit/delete them yourself by logging in to your account.

11. You do not have to waste time updating ads.

12. If You are not a spammer and our system is blocking You please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help You.

13. All of this is free, with no hidden of conditions.


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